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Swans – “New Mind” (1987)

“sleep heavy with tired trees/the mute tortures the struggles of flesh in its bruised husk…”–Tristan Tzara from “Approximate Man” (1931)

Michael Gira continues to document these mute tortures and the struggles of flesh with The Angels of Light, but he does so with a slightly softer touch than he did during his Chernobyl-bleak days fronting Swans.  Which isn’t to say that his music has become any less powerful, but sometimes it’s necessary to spend time with his “purely abstract, surreal, and violent” era (as Justin Broadrick would say).

This promo was released to accompany Children of God, which is one of the high points of the Swans discography.


Orbital – Satan (And Weird Comments)

I just checked my blog and someone named Ezekiel (the prophet himself?), left a comment on the video for Blondie’s “Rapture” which said something like, “I rebuke this video in the name of Jesus Christ…”  I deleted it because I have had enough problems with crazy blog trawlers (LionsDen, you still out there?).

But this comment caused me to go into a big ol chuckle fest…so whoever you are, thank you!  Apparently you thought this video was going to be about THE Rapture, rather than being about a rapturous night out in NYC.  I saw you had a blog, so I checked it out and wasn’t at all surprised to find that’s it’s basically devoted to how much you hate the Catholic Church and “faggots”.  So at least I know where you are coming from, intellectually.  Jrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…that’s the sound of your brain attempting to crank out an intelligent thought rather than vomit up some more fundamentalist gumbo.  Whatever.  Thanks for keeping us normal folk entertained!  Now, make sure you don’t eat any shellfish…I wouldn’t want God to strike you dead or anything.

By the way, if you see your mom this weekend, would you be sure to tell her…


Kids, this is a joke.  Don’t go out sacrificing virgins to Satan while high on PCP.  That’s so twenty years ago.