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Sally Kern Petition (and a Letter by Chris Franklin)

Please take a moment to sign the petition requesting to remove Sally Kern from her office:


Here is my friend Chris Franklin’s personal letter to Rep. Kern: 
Subject line: “The apologies you owe”

Dear Representative Kern,

I called your office earlier this afternoon. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you weren’t available. After all, smearing minorities isn’t an after 4:00 kind of job, I suppose.

I believe that the voice mail that I left you conveyed my general disgust with your comments on this “homosexual agenda” you speak of, but the more I think about it, the more it just makes me want to vomit.

First of all, I’ve lived in Oklahoma for most of my life. I’ve moved to Texas a few times, but I’ve always come back (for obvious reasons). Oklahoma is the state I’ve always called home, and I’ve always defended it from slander, especially of the Texan variety. I feel like your statements aren’t helping Oklahoma progress into the 21st century, and if anything, they are more espoused to the Strom Thurmound segregationist nightmare of the past than they are the teachings of Jesus Christ. Your statements are not only crude, abhorring acts of bigotry, but they also make it very clear that you are only pandering to your conservative constituency. How dare you hide behind your flawed misinterpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ just to get yourself some more political clout.

Blasphemy. All in a day’s work. Am I right Representative?

I’d stop there, but I don’t feel like that’s enough. I’m not a homosexual myself, but I feel like being tolerant to other people is the very least that can be asked of a human being, much less what the Bible teaches. You may not agree with their actions, but to compare homosexuals to Islamic terrorists is grievously skewed at best. And I can’t help but gasp at the audacity it must’ve taken to go so far as to say that they’re more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalists. I dare you to say that to the 9-11 victims and families.

Although I didn’t vote for you, I think it’s in your best interest to apologize to the so-called “Gay Community” (who didn’t vote for you or your archaic hate-mongering either). I demand, however, that you beg for the forgiveness of the 9-11 families, and hope that they are as merciful as you are thoughtless.

I hate to be condescending, but I don’t feel very well represented by your prehistoric views on modern society. I’d say that 50 years ago when there was a “black problem”, you would’ve fit right in. This is the 21st century. This is America. This is Oklahoma, the state I call home. And there’s no room in it for people like you to be in any sort of leadership role until you can prove that you’re willing to keep up with the times, or at the very least pretend to possess the Christian compassion and virtues that you claim to hold so dearly.

I think that an apology would be in your best interest. I’d hate to be grouped with people like yourself in the national spotlight as some backwards Oklahoman cave-person. And plus, I don’t think it’s going to do much for your image on a national level, either. But I suppose if you cared about that, we wouldn’t be having this correspondence, would we?

I look forward to your reply and/or your apology. Thank you.

Sincerely disgusted,
Chris Franklin

Sally Kern is a Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Here is a letter I sent to Rep. Sally Kern:

Dear Mrs. Kern,
Until your recent pithy remarks about homosexuality, we Oklahomans had to rely primarily on ol’ Jimmy Inhofe to supply America with reasons to view our state as an intellectual wasteland.  It is heartening to hear that you are picking up the Neanderthal slack in presenting our state as a cultural vacuum of vapid hate.  Though, if gays (oh how your parched mouth wishes to ejaculate the low bandwidth-approved “faggots” instead) are a bigger threat to America than “terrorists or Islam”, shouldn’t we pull out of Iraq and penetrate this abhorrent, insidious membrane of sinful behavior with military action?  I’m sure that if we could posthumously poll the dead of 9/11 they would mark anal sex as a more pressing threat than global Jihad.  I imagine that it gets you in an orgiastic state to imagine a world free of consenting homosexual behavior, a world where boy-baiting priests and Deuteronomy-quoting evangelists can once and for all claim a monopoly on rectal recreation.  Please allow me to offer my apologies for the “darkies” as well.  Their continued desegregation must really chafe your sweet southern sensibilities.  Guten Tag, Frau Kern! 
Christopher Piercy

Here is Rep. Kern attempting to steal the idiocy limelight from Jim Inhoffe: