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Favorite Netflix-ed Movies of 2008

I didn’t see that many great movies in the theater this year.  Part of this was due to living in a town with a sticky, smelly theater that wouldn’t show an independent or art film if their film license depended on it.  I loved “The Dark Knight”, “Burn After Reading” (proving once and for all that even “minor” Coen is better than 95% of what usually gets released from Hollywood’s bowels), and “Wall-E”, but I felt like I missed out on a lot by living in a small town.  I spent more time having movies sent to me by Netflix, usually watching two to four a week (in between episodes of “The Wire” and “Twin Peaks”).  Because I’m lazy.  Here are 10 that I enjoyed quite a lot (mostly documentaries and older foreign films), and recommend to anyone with eyeballs.  In no particular order:


The Atomic Cafe



Man On Wire



Encounters at the End of the World



Stranger Than Paradise



Heavy Metal in Baghdad






Holy Mountain



Wild Strawberries






Burden of Dreams




We Wear Leather, We Wear Spikes

Herein lies the video to the almighty Manowar’s “Gloves of Metal”.  You know how hard it is to do anything in gloves of metal?  Pretty hard.  Try squirting ketchup onto your plate of tasty fries…you can’t!  Your fingers don’t bend!  So you know if someone is rockin’ gloves of metal they are about to rock your face with metal.  Or something.  Anyway…wait for the special effects at 3:30.