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New Music: FBPWB – “Infinite Flex”

dsc00284-Image by Christof Piercy, III

If Kanye is gonna sing, First Baptist is gonna rap.

Infinite Flex



Living Like a Hobo, Like a Spanish Hobo

Sandy Marton “People from Ibiza”

The hair sells it:

The Next Tupac and Biggie Beef

I have about as much interest in the Grammy Awards as I do in the size of Scott Stapp’s underwear.   Buuuuuttt, I think we were all intrigued by this…

So, I think it is safe to assume that either Vince or Kanye will be gunned down outside a Las Vegas fight by year’s end.  My bet’s on Kanye firing the first shot, but with Vince dealing the deathblow.  I imagine The Big Daddy Gill has more NRA friends.  Unless a pair of those sunglasses Kanye is willing to fly to Japan for also shoots lazers.  Which isn’t too unfathomable.  Have you seen what the Japanese can do with their toilets?