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Blur – For Tomorrow

Blur had an unbelievably high success rate for writing classic singles, and “For Tomorrow” would certainly be on any shortlist of best Britpop songs. 

Damon, your side projects are fine, but please hurry up and get back to what you do best…and make sure Graham comes along with you.

*Update!: Blur must’ve read my post

From Blur:

Blur will play a live show in Hyde Park in Summer 2009.

Graham Coxon will join Alex James, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn onstage for this first time since their Royal Festival Hall performance in 2000.

The concert will take place at London’s Hyde Park on Friday 3rd July 2009, and tickets will be on general sale from 9am Friday 12th December 2008 at www.livenation.co.uk.

All tickets are £45.00, are limited to six per person, and subject to a booking fee.