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New Music: Astro


I actually can’t tell  you too much about this band because I am not fluent in Spanish.  What I do know is that they are apparently based in Santiago, Chile, a beautiful and modern capital situated below the gaze of the Andes Mountains and Chilean Coastal Range.  I also know that America is a very fat country and Chile is a very skinny country.  At least geographically speaking.  Oh, and Astro make really fun music.

The band have a six-song digital EP that you can purchase on their MySpace page.  I guess you could call this Chilewave, if you wanted to be an idiot.

MP3s (Available for free on Last.fm):

Maestro Distorsion

Hongo Atomic

Chris Piercy

New Music: Former Ghosts


I could seriously count on zero fingers the number of bands who have impacted me in the same way as Xiu Xiu over the past decade.  Jamie Stewart’s consistently to-the-bone honesty and challenging sonic experimentation is a rare gift.  So I was pretty excited to hear that he has joined up with Freddy Ruppert (formerly of This Song is a Mess but So Am I)  and Nika Roza (of Zola Jesus) in Former Ghosts.  A full-length LP is in the works (to be released sometime this year on Upset the Rhythm Records), but for now you can check out three intriguing songs on their MySpace.  The aching and beautiful “Waving” is my personal favorite at the moment, but the other two are superb as well.


Death Knelly’s New Liz Phair Cover

Do yourself a favor and head over to Death Knelly’s myspace page to hear the awesome cover of Liz Phair’s “Six Dick Pimp”.  The revolution starts hear.