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Say It Elsewhere

Here is a quick survey of relevant culture for relevant people doing relevant things:

Weekly Tape Deck posted a fiyah collaboration between Big Boi and Gucci Mane.  Go grab your “Shine Blockas” here.

Crawdaddy has some tantalizing news about the new XTC reissues here.

The Quietus talks to Bob Nastonovich about that upcoming Pavement reunion that nobody has been excited about (sarcasm).  Sadly, it appears this will not be a full-time reunion.  Click here for more.

Slate thinks NPR’s musical tastes are a little too white.  The proof is right here.

Swan Fungus posted Jackie-O Motherfucker’s extremely rare (300 copies, dude) double album, Flat Fixed.  Get fucked here.

Stereogum has Fever Ray’s cover of Nick Cave’s “Stranger Than Kindness” streaming right over here.

Passion of the Weiss discusses (and posts) People Under the Stairs’ slept-on video for “Trippin’ at the Disco”.  Groove here.

Bradford Cox posted a creepy-ass video of a cloud over Moscow here.

ABC News has a video review of Neon Indian’s incredible new album here.

Big Stereo posted the video for Peaches’ “I Feel Cream”, which is easily one of my favorite songs of the year.  Cream here.

Chris Piercy

Animal Collective Chat on NPR


2/3 or 1/2 (their many configurations make it difficult for accurate fractions) of Animal Collective will be on NPR’s All Things Considered today at 2:00 p.m. EST.  Maybe they will talk about the Sun City Girls or drugs or Lisbon or handshakes.  And maybe NPR will read the comment I left with them about their cliched reportage from rural Oklahoma yesterday.  Maybe.  Listen here:

http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php?storyId=99607179

And why not?

Clip from the Sun City Girls‘ video “The Halcyon Days of Symmetry”: