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Hauschka Live in Japan

Sometime in a previous life (read: junior high) I took piano lessons with hopes of conquering the sonatas of Beethoven, the etudes of Chopin, the oblique structures of Satie.  It never quite happened, seeing as I had zero knack for reading music and even less perseverance, but it helped to instill a deeper appreciation of piano composition. 

Around this same time I became fascinated by the prepared piano work of John Cage.  His techniques seemed to turn the instrument into a living architecture (sometimes even silence prevailed), a sound that was beautifully imperfect. 

The music of Hauschka (also: Volker Bertelmann), a modern German composer, appeals to me in much the same way.  His most recent recording, Ferndorf, is available on FatCat, and should be of interest to fans of Max Richter and Eluvium. 

Purchase here.