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Top This, Marilyn Manson

Once upon a time, Alice Cooper struck fear into the hearts of millions by wearing a snake like a necklace and prancing around with a girl’s name.  I think it was Lester Bangs who wrote: “If you thought Billion Dollar Babies was hot, just wait until he discovers green screens and rap music! When he does, look out children! Applying that Tasmanian devil glottal scope, that yellow-eyed depravity to the urban sound of way out will surely make the world fart blood*.”  Or something like that.

*Not actual words of Lester Bangs



New Music: Cam’Ron – “Get it in Ohio”

Now that Lil’ Wayne is making videos with Korn, the door is wide open for Cam’Ron to reclaim his place as America’s Best Rapper Alive.

[Crime Pays comes out May 5th.]


New Music: Cam’ron “I Hate My Job”

During this recession you better love your job.  Or at least fake it.  Cam’ron claims to hate his job, but I’m very, very happy to see him back in rap action.  Here’s hoping Cam’ron finally takes over. 

Cam’ron – “I Hate My Job”