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Sally Strikes Back

Ed.–This is a work of fiction.  Sally Korn is a fictional character and these are her silly, poorly written words.  She should not to be confused with the very real Sally Kern and her silly, poorly thought-out words.

Dear Christopher Piercy,

Thank you for your kind comments.  It is good to see that my constituents agree that homosexualities is a scary and dangerous plague on our Christian society.  While I agree with you that segregation was probably a mistake, I think that maybe we shouldn’t offend the negro by calling them “darkies”.  In order to be successful in indoctrinating others (especially 2 year olds–them being our most precious vessels) it is important to use some political tact.  Even when it pains us to do so.  Anyway, back to the gays…their flamboyant and obnoxious behavior, their vulgar techno dancing music, and their outright rape of good, clean American culture has to come to a stop.  We can not stand by as these sequined terrorists continue to take over our nation!  Thank you for standing with me on this issue and understanding how dangerous the queer agenda really is.

God Bless,

Rep. Sally Korn

These three things are equally scary and dangerous:




But nothing is as dangerous as one of these!: