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Klaus Nomi on “TV Party”

Is it really almost 4:00 a.m.? 

Today Travis and I had another minor marathon of Twin Peaks, when perhaps we should’ve been outside enjoying the 60+ weather before Nature turns Oklahoma into a hockey rink on Monday.  But who needs Vitamin D when you have David Lynch?

After lusting over Audrey Horne for a couple hours, Brett and Blake came over and we caught up on The Office so that we could all lust over Jim because he is so NICE and so puppy dog CUTE. 

Then Halley joined the fun and we watched The Dark Knight again so that we could lust over either Christian Bale or Heath Ledger, depending on personal preference for chisel-cheek Brits who act like Americans with weird superhero accents or dead guys in makeup.  Too bad the movie somehow caused Blake to gain two pounds.  Hahaha.  What a fatty.  My real question of the night was how tiny little Halley was able to eat nearly an entire box of dry cereal while we watched the movie.  I think she might not be a human.

On the drive home I was unable to find the button on my Civic that turns the car into a motorcycle.  I knew someday I’d regret not buying an Accord.

Klaus Nomi anyone?  Anyone out there at all?  Should I keep blogging or just put “The Correct Use of Soap” on the record player and talk into the mirror?