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New Music: Death Knelly “DJ Lover”

Our dear friend Chase Jackson, a.k.a. Death Knelly, has posted a video for his brand new song “DJ Lover”.  Before anyone wants to start genre-branding, I’d like to throw out “kitchen-core”.  Only because that name came to me as I was typing that sentence.  AND since my brain is so awesome I post exactly what it gives me.  ANNNNDDDD because everyone loves kitchens.   Anywayz…this is maybe Death Knelly’s catchiest song yet.

The song samples Bumble Bee Unlimited’s “Lady Bug”, a classic disco jam from 1978.  For bonus credit, here’s a fan-made video of that tune:

Check out Death Knelly’s Myspace for more hott traxxx.

Chris Piercy

Review: Wavves “Wavvves”



Wavves’ lo-fi noise-pop (how many gazillion times have we heard those sonic designators over the past couple of years?) extends in a line from Swell Maps thru Royal Trux thru Sebadoh thru Ariel Pink thru Times New Viking.  Basically, Nathan Williams isn’t really doing anything “new”, but if the hype surrounding his second release is any guage, he’s doing something people still gobble up.


This is not the So-Cal sound swinging from The Pusscat Dolls’ udders.  This is the grimy music that hides behind the dumpster in Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”.  The question that I’ve had with The Smell (No Age, Abe Vigoda, etc.) zeitgeist is the same I have with any scene: is there anything behind the veil (faux-homelessness in this case)?  Are they hanging out behind the dumpster because smelling like trash gets you pussy these days?  Something about the day-glo shorts/Cobain flannel ratty hair vegan hipster kind of makes me want to punch a chicken.  Or do drugs un-ironically.  Whatever.  I can’t help but put “No Hope Kids” on repeat and just let the cheap sounds of post-post-post-everything tickle my funbone.  That’s what I have to do with this music: put down the pitchfork, quit chugging Pabst, and just appreciate this as one of my favorite albums of 2009 so far. 



“So Bored”:




Wavvves comes out March 17 on Fat Possum

Buy: Insound




New Music: Depeche Mode “Wrong”

I haven’t heard all of the new Depeche Mode album, but the first video is killer. 

Sounds Of The Universe releases in the U.S. on April 21st (Mute/EMI).  The band will be in Dallas August 29th. 


PJ Harvey – “Man-Size”

Sometimes PJ Harvey makes me wish I could be a woman who beats men.

Yacht – Summer Song

In these balmy days, when the weather is just right and the shorts fit just so tight, we put sandwiches in our mouths, cut into perfect triangles. for we are not wasting time, there is sand on the shore and wind in our eyes, we raise a toast to the summer sun, the beacon of hope that shines on our organ grinding fun.

Jonzun Crew – Pack Jam

On a serious note before I go to bed…how did the Jonzun Crew not become as big as the Jonas Brothers?  I don’t understand this world we live in.

The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#6-#10)

10  Pearl Jam – Jeremy

9  Blur – Song 2

8  R.E.M. – Losing My Religion

7  Nine Inch Nails – Closer

6  Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#16-#20)

20  Local H – Bound for the Floor

19 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge

18 Blind Melon – No Rain


17 The Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly

16 Beck - Loser

The Presets – This Boy’s In Love (Promo Video)

The new video by The Presets, given to me by Nick Isom:


The Presets – This Boy’s In Love (Lifelike Remix)


Talk Talk – I Believe in You (Video)

Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk is one of my absolute favorite albums of all time.  Here’s a live performance of the single version of “I Believe in You” recorded in 1988: